WESTON FOREST operates a distribution and remanufacturing facility at the head office in Mississauga, Ontario, and uses several distribution and remanufacturing facilities in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New York, and Michigan.

Head Office, Mississauga, ON

Full range of softwood, hardwood, panel, and specialty products: all grades and sizes
Full remanufacturing facility: custom milling services include cut-to-size, grooving, notching, resawing, radius, ripping, dressing

Ottawa, ON

Industrial, Construction, and MSR lumber

Fort Erie, ON

Heat treating and remanufacturing for Industrial and Pallet & Box markets

Windsor, ON

Low grade lumber for Industrial and Pallet & Box applications

Montreal, QC

Lumber and plywood to service the Infrastructure, Road and Bridge, and High Rise sectors along with several other niche markets

Edmonton, AB

Lumber transload facility

Brookfield, NS

Full range of commodity and MSR lumber

Lackawanna, NY

Full range of Industrial lumber

Detroit, MI

Full range of Commodity and Industrial lumber

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