WESTON FOREST buys plywood and OSB from all over North and South America, Europe, and China.

We have great relationships and bring value by buying almost every grade a mill can produce.

  • Construction plywood in all grades and sizes

    Canadian Spruce (CSP) and Douglas fir (DFP) Standard, and CCX sheathing.

  • Low grade plywood in all sizes

    Including cull, blows, degrade, shop, industrial, CDX.

  • Sanded plywood in all grades and sizes

    Including Select, Factory, CCPTS, BCX, ACX, G1S.

  • Cut-to-size panels

  • OSB in all grades and sizes

  • Fire-retardant panels

  • Concrete forming panels

    Suited for anything from cut applications to architectural finishes to 50+ pours.

  • FSC Certified plywood for LEED credits


Product Manager – Softwood & Panels
T: 905.678.4760    TF: 888.695.7078
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